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Infection Control

Infection Control

We implement four levels of infection control to eliminate any chances of cross contamination from patients to patients, doctor to patient and staff to patient.

  1. Fully automatic autoclave for sterilization
  2. Storage of instruments in special UV chamber
  3. Chemical disinfection of all surfaces
  4. Compulsory use of disposable gloves, face-masks, suction tips, needle syringes, drapes, plastic barrier and disposable plastic glasses etc. on a single use basis.

Infection Protocol @ Dentalign – Family Dental Care

1. Pre-Cleaning and Cleansing Solutions
Enzymatic Solutions Removes blood and other proteinaceous material
Non-Enzymatic Solutions Removes non-specific debris
Mechanical Cleaners ultrasonic cleaners
2. Sterilization Packaging Materials
Cassette Perforated metal or plastic/resin container used to house instruments
Paper/Plastic Pouch For steam or unsaturated chemical vapor sterilizers and for storage of sterile instruments
Wrap For wrapping instruments and cassettes
3. Sterilizer
Steam Autoclave Uses steam under pressure to sterilize 250 F to 273 F (time varies depending on size of load and autoclave) Good penetration of heat into packages

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