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Bone Graft Treatment

Let us give you a better jaw bone with Bone Graft


   What is bone grafting?

In bone grafting, a portion of the lost bone is replaced with a bone graft dental material, which is a different piece of bone or substance. The Dental Graft replaces the missing bone through this surgical process and aids in the bone’s recovery. The grafts and the existing bone bond over a few months.

Synthetic Bone Graft Dental is done through minimally invasive surgery at Dentalign and is a painless procedure.


  Why bone grafting might be necessary?

The volume of bone in your jaw is one of the most crucial things to take into account when installing dental implants. To hold the implant post firmly in place and guarantee the dental implant does not fail, sufficient bone volume is required. Dental bone grafting can be used to rebuild lost bone in people with gum disease, missing teeth, and oral trauma. Whether your bone loss is mild or severe, Dr. Sagar Hirani and Dr. Tanvi Hirani have experience performing these procedures and can help you become eligible for dental implants.

Where is a Dental Graft Effective?   bone-graft-treatment

When a bone is missing, which can occur primarily as a result of periodontal disease (pocket formation), trauma, accident, tumor excision, or it may be congenital, bone grafts are typically employed. Dental implants also utilize bone transplants.


What Is The Bone Grafting Process?

Under local anesthetic, a dental bone grafting operation is carried out. Bone graft reduction of Boneg is carried out during a standard flap surgery at areas where it is necessary for the growth of new bone. There are few postoperative problems, and the operation is comparatively painless.

These bone transplants help mend periodontal pockets or cure periodontal defects by gradually regenerating new bone. In addition to stabilizing the implants, the new bone growth also produces enough bone for the implantation of dental implants.


Method of Bone Graft Treatment at Dentalign


Your Dentist at Dentalign, Dr. Tanvi Hirani best Periodontist and Implantologist in Ahmedabad will extract a sample of bone from you or a donor source and transform it into bone granules, which resemble sand in look and feel. The location of bone degeneration, right beneath the gum tissue, is then treated with these bone grafting granules. Your current jawbone will join with the bone granules to form a sturdy framework. This straightens out your jawline and has the ability to hold a dental implant. We use efficient sedative procedures to help folks who are anxious about the bone grafting process feel more at ease and have a completely painless experience. You will be one step closer to getting your dental implant implanted and having your smile restored once your dental graft cures.


Dental Graft Is Used In:

Preservation of sockets

When a tooth is pulled out, the socket where the roots once were is left empty. By packing this socket with bone during socket preservation bone grafting, we can ensure that it heals with the right quantity of bone, which will keep your jaw in balance, stop your teeth from slipping, and enable you to get dental implants.


Ridge Extension

We will need to reconstruct the jawline with a bone graft when a portion of the bone has degraded. Your jawline will be repaired by using bone grafting material where it has receded. Patients who want dental implants to replace their missing teeth frequently undergo this treatment.


Sinus Lift

Dr. Tanvi Hirani a Periodontist and Implantologist and has received specialized training to carry out a complex and delicate bone grafting procedure known as a sinus lift. This is utilized to rebuild bone in the jaw’s upper molar region. During a sinus lift, Dr. Tanvi Hirani will carefully open up your sinus cavities, gently elevate the sinus membrane, and insert bone grafting material underneath. A sinus lift gives you enough bone volume after healing to place dental implants in this region.


Reduction of Bone

We provide bone reduction therapy as an alternative to conventional bone grafting in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Your bone will be even out using this alternative therapy rather than bone grafts. If this choice is appropriate for your particular situation, we advise asking Dr. Tanvi Hirani and Dr. Sagar Hirani at Dentalign.

A Synthetic Bone Graft Dental with Dentalign can help you retain teeth, retain the bone structure and get implants.


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