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Bone Graft

What is bone grafting ?

Bone grafting is a medical procedure wherein a part of the missing bone is replaced by another bone or material known as bone graft. Through this surgical procedure, the graft not only replaces the missing portion of the bone, but also helps the regrowth of the bone. Over a period of few months, the existing bone and the grafts fuse.

Where Can It Be Used?

Bone grafts are generally used when bone is missing which can happen mainly due to periodontal disease (pocket formation), trauma, accident, tumor removal or it maybe congenital in nature. Bone grafts are also used with dental implants.

What Is The Procedure Of Bone Grafting

  • A dental bone grafting procedure is carried out under local anesthesia. With a routine flap surgical procedure, bone grafting is done at sites where it is required to produce new bone. It is a relatively painless procedure with minimum postoperative complications.
  • These bone grafts, over a period of time form new bone and aid in the correction of a periodontal defect or healing of a periodontal pocket. New bone formation also stabilizes the Implants or creates adequate bone for the placement of Dental Implants.

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