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Gum Surgeries

Flap Surgery

Flap surgery is used to treat Periodontitis (Pyorrhea). In the Flap Surgery the gums are temporarily seperated from the tooth to access the roots of the teeth and their supporting bone which helps in removal of deep plaque and tartar stick to the roots.

Flap surgery is a very safe uncomplicated and painless dental chair side procedure done under local anaesthesia.


Gingivectomy is the surgical procedure to cut abnormally enlarged gums (gingiva). This procedure is usually done by a periodontist (Gum specialist). Gingivectomy may also be done in order to achieve a more aesthetic appearance and/or functional contour.


It is a minor surgical procedure performed to remove high frenum (small fold of tissue) attachment, which causes pulling of gum tissue [gingival recession]. High frenum also generate cosmetic & functional problems by creating spacing in between teeth.

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